New York State Medicaid State Plan

What is the Medicaid State Plan?

A Medicaid State Plan is an official document that describes the nature and scope of a state's Medicaid program. Each state develops its own Plan, as required under Section 1902 of the Social Security Act (Act), which is then approved by the federal Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS). Any changes or amendments to the Plan are similarly developed by the state and approved by DHHS. Each state administers its own Plan and, in doing so, agrees to conform to the requirements of the Act and all other applicable federal statutes and regulations related to the Medicaid program.

The Plan dictates the policies and procedures that a state will follow in administering the Medicaid program, including those related to the methods of administration, eligibility criteria, covered services, and reimbursement methodologies, to name a few.

成人香蕉视频appIn most cases, a state is required to issue a Public Notice prior to the effective date of any change to the Plan. The Public Notice, which appears in the New York State, Department of State's , is intended to inform providers, stakeholders, and the general public of substantial proposed changes to the State's Medicaid Plan, as well as to offer the opportunity to comment on such changes.

This portion of the Department of Health's website will provide New York's Medicaid State Plan, presented in its entirety and in sections, which is updated no less frequently than quarterly. In addition, the site will provide proposed State Plan Amendments (SPAs) as of January 1, 2011, along with the approval status.

NYS Medicaid State Plan

The most current and is available as one PDF document.

Please Note:成人香蕉视频app If you choose to download the most current Medicaid State Plan in its entirety, it is a very large PDF file approximately 103 MB.

成人香蕉视频appThe proposed State Plan Amendments are not final and are subject to further revisions which may not be reflected on this website prior to final approval and inclusion in the State Plan.