Public Health Works!

Surveys have found that while citizens know public health is important to them, they aren't always exactly sure what it is or how it has touched their lives.

The Public Health Works! Campaign raises awareness of the essential services that public health workers and the public health system provide to the residents of New York State.

成人香蕉视频appAt the heart of all successful public health initiatives are the workers who promote and protect the public's health and safety. In addition to addressing everyday public health needs, the public health workers face a number of emerging and complex health issues such as the increase in obesity, managing vaccine supplies, disparities in health outcomes, and emergency preparedness. Compounding these issues, workers also face workforce challenges, including large numbers of employees who are retiring, shortages of key professionals, and the need for ongoing training and education to ensure that professionals can effectively address all of the emerging public health issues.

成人香蕉视频appIn the face of these challenges, local health department professionals work every day to ensure the safety and health of our communities. The Public Health Works! Campaign recognizes the important and crucial work performed by these professionals and raises awareness among the general public of the importance of public health.

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