Cooling Centers

Cooling centers are air-conditioned facilities where you can go to cool off during extreme heat. The New York State Department of Health collects information about seasonal cooling centers and other places to get cool where community members can get a break from the heat. This information is voluntarily submitted by local health departments and emergency management offices.

To view the address and phone number of a cooling center near you, select your county on the map or dropdown or visit county cooling centers成人香蕉视频app. You can also use the to get public transportation information or driving and walking directions.

Some counties (gray) do not have cooling centers listed. If a cooling center is not available, air-conditioned libraries, supermarkets, and malls are great places to stay cool. Some counties may also list other places to get cool, such as shaded areas of local and state parks or swimming facilities like community pools and beaches. View our Cooling Centers FAQ成人香蕉视频app for more information about how cooling centers are identified and why they are important.

Always call before you go to make sure the cooling center is open. Some cooling centers are open daily, while others are opened as needed.

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