NYS Department of Health (DOH) Employment Opportunities

The Department of Health has over 5,000 employees working in different positions throughout New York State, all dedicated to public health, excellence, integrity and teamwork. Opportunities also exist through , an independent 501 (c)3 corporation established to seek and obtain grant money for the benefit of the Department. We are continuously seeking health care professionals and other talented individuals to join our team!

Primarily based in Albany, NY, the Department operates field offices in Albany, New York, Syracuse, Buffalo and Rochester, NY. The Department also directs and oversees patient care and research at five health care facilities - ; and, the New York State Veteran's Homes at , , and .

Below are job announcements for which DOH is currently recruiting. These positions are available to the general public. These announcements outline minimum qualifications, salary range, location and filing deadlines for positions to be filled.

New York State is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Open to the Public

Transfers and Vacancies Open to New York State Employees Only